Developing the future of soccer players!

Hawaii 808 S.C.

ABOUT Hawaii 808 Soccer Club

At Hawaii 808 SC, we are committed to develop each player’s full potential. We create an environment to encourage players to think about what it means to be on a team. Our goal is to develop athletes that excel technically on the ball, are physically adept, and most importantly intelligent players. Hawaii 808 SC coaches are all experienced players at the semi-professional, collegiate, or high school level. Our coaches take a self-discovering approach where players are asked to think about each play and encouraged to challenge themselves to learn from their mistakes.


Hawaii 808 Soccer Club provides a competitive club soccer environment for youth in the Honolulu, Oahu area. Our mission is to develop technical skills, game intelligence, and character traits of youth athletes to prepare them to exceed in their desired level of soccer including high school, collegiate, and professional environments.



Understanding that their actions determine the direction the team is headed. Knowing this, the players are responsible for their own actions on and off the field, and how they influence the team.


Players share the desire to have quality practices, thus demanding the best from each other at all times and giving it their best effort at every practice and game.


Enjoying the sport above all else is the most important so the players’ desire to continue to improve and play does not burn out.


Understanding that the soccer community is made up of groups that help each other grow. We strive to teach players to show respect to:

- family that support the players,
- coaches that commit to the team,
- teammates that show up to train together,
- referees that regulate and keep us safe,
- the other team, because without the other team, soccer cannot be played.

Knowing this, in the beginning of every practice, players greet coaches with a handshake and after every game, thank the referees, other team, and parents for their support that day.


Encouraging players to think about how to play, communicate, prepare for games, as a team.