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Hawaii 808 S.C.


Hawaii 808 Soccer Club is fortunate to have affiliations with local and international coaches and experts in many areas of athletic sports. Our aim as an organization is to invite special guests to share their knowledge on their expertise to athletes here on Oahu.

Some events are exclusive to Hawaii 808 Soccer Club players but some are open to all soccer players.
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Past events

Egan Inoue : September 2019

Former MMA world champion and racquetball world champion, Egan Inoue, visited Hawaii 808 Soccer Club in September 2019 to share with us a variety of training drills to improve speed in the first two steps going forward, backwards, and laterally. Egan works with adults and children to improve athletic performance in sports.

Yasuhiro Kato Soccer Clinic and Physical Therapy Seminar : February 2019

Hawaii 808 Soccer Club collaborated with former professional soccer player, Yasuhiro Kato, and renowned physical therapist, Hideaki Kamiya, to host a soccer clinic and seminar for all athletes. Having played professionally in Europe, Kato shares his knowledge on the importance of how to use ones body, arms, the power position, and more. Kamiya, who works with professional soccer and baseball players in Japan, goes into great detail of how to improve ones speed and more efficient body forms to win duals.

Ayaki Suzuki goalkeeper session

Professional goalkeeper, Ayaki Suzuki, visited Hawaii 808 Soccer Club and taught players the basics of goalkeeping and showed the children his abilities as well. Suzuki plays for V-Varen Nagasaki, the team which one the 2019 Pacific Rim Cup that took place at the Aloha Stadium in Oahu.

Yasutoshi Miura visits Hawaii 808 Soccer Club : January 2019

Former Japanese national team player, Yasutoshi Miura visted Hawaii 808 Soccer Club. Miura has had a very successful career as a professional soccer player in Japan. After retiring, he stepped into the world of coaching. Miura has coached professional clubs in Japan and Thailand. He also founded FC Tocano, a youth soccer club in Japan.